Moody's Pub

June 27 2005 - 11:32 AM

If you haven’t yet been, I’m guessing that you’ve at least heard of Moody’s Pub, known for it’s expansive beer garden.  I’m fortunate that Moody’s is in my neighborhood, just a couple of blocks away. But, you say,  “a lot of bars have beer gardens.”  So what makes Moody’s so special?

First off, its huge.  You never (or at least I’ve never) had to wait for a table.  It has atmosphere – dark with red flickering candles and waterfalls or fountains that are jumpers for sale somewhat cheesey but they help create the mood.  Lots of trees and flowers make it truely a garden of sorts.  Most importantly, the price is right – pitchers of beer are 6 bucks and pitchers of Sangria are 9.

They offer a small menu of standards – burgers, chicken sandwich,
fried fish sandwich, shrimp basket, large salad, onion rings, Sloppy
Joe and I think I just about listed the entire menu. I’ve always found
their food to be the least enticing reason to go there, the burgers are
usually over cooked and dry and the fries are fried in oil that is too
old. I’m guessing the burger fry problem is due to the volume they have
to produce on a daily basis. The onion rings however are really good.

I recently, and for the first time, ordered the big salad and was
pretty happy with it – iceburg lettuce with shredded bacon, parmasean,
croutons, cherry tomatoes and onions. For 5 bucks it is big enough for
3-4 people to share. The inside of the pub is an inferno, probably a
health hazard for those working there. Despite it’s short commings I
always go back and I always look forward to it. Nothing beats a cool
pitcher of beer on a hot night in Moody’s beer garden.