Canadian Dieticians Online

June 07 2005 - 3:22 PM

Leave it to Canada to recognize and deliver what people want regarding health and human services.
It seems the “ounce of prevention” expression is understood north of the border…
from the Canadian NewsWire is the first Canadian website that provides direct 
    access to 'live' health professionals

MONTREAL, June 7 /CNW/ – Making healthy choices isn’t always easy. With
fast and convenient too often jumpers for sale driving our eating habits, maintaining a healthy
lifestyle has become a considerable challenge. Help is now here.

Introducing, the first Canadian website with live
access to registered dietitians. provides Canadians with
their own personal health partner to better manage their personal well-being
and make healthier choices. Individuals receive tailored responses on issues
such as weight management, nutrition, exercise and healthy living.
    "Today's women crave advice on healthy lifestyle choices, but have no
time to visit a dietitian or search through endless pages on the Internet
trying to find answers," said Manon Cormier, head dietitian, "Our dietitians review each question individually,
customize a personal response and deliver an answer via e-mail within
24 hours. And the best part is, Canadians never have to leave the comfort of
their own home."