Arun's for Dinner: $10

June 22 2005 - 9:46 AM

Dinner for 10 bucks is a good deal anywhere but when its a couple of entrees from Arun’s it’s a sweeter (and spicier) deal.

After work I get a call, “There’s a thai thing going on at Daley Plaza… Arun’s has a booth…” Even if I wasn’t 2 blocks away I’d have made the effort.

Considering my annual intake of Thai food it’s shocking that I have yet to eat at Arun’s. They are annually included as one of the top restaurants in Chicago, my friends love it and it’s on the north side. I have no excuse.

My reservation was that maybe the booth-food wouldn’t be good…
it’d be like seeing the movie before reading the book… or worse,
reading the comic adaptation before seeing the movie… before reading
the book.

Anyway I ate and enjoyed. We got the only two things being served.
Booth after booth inflatable water slide of pad thai, bubble teas, chicken basil, shumai, crab
rangoon, etc. etc… Arun’s had dishes that stood out. A yellow curry
with chicken and a diced shrimp vermicelli…

The yellow curry chicken was perfectly spicy and even from a booth
outside tasted complex and over steamed rice very hearty. Granted the
styrofoam was a detraction but eating outside next to the Picasso made
up for it.

The sweet diced shrimp dish had a ton of different things in it an
was served over a cold pink vermicelli with green onions and sprouts.
It was very sweet but with the squeeze of lime refreshing as well. I
wish I could figure out what it was.

All in all it whetted my appetite for a sit down at Arun’s and the
Taste of Thailand reminded me of the benefits of living in Chicago.