You'd think with a name like Cru....

May 02 2005 - 11:27 AM

I was at Cru once before for a glass of wine late one afternoon while waiting for someone or something… it was a while ago. It was good. They had a variety and the place was comfortable even while empty. I was still expecting a nice wine bar that fit with the surroundings and had the chops to sport the name Cru.

This time the place was crowded and we sat off of our large group of about 12 and ordered flights of Riesling and a cheese plate. The Riesling decision came after my wife arrived in time to stop an order for a half bottle of Proseco that on seeing I immediately regretted ordering. It was that bowling pin shaped bottle with the yellow P that, while I’ve had it and it’s good, I know I could get at virtually any wine store in the state. I looked at the Riesling list and said sure… Washington state Rieslings would be a light and fruity simple solution for a pre-dinner quaff (HA – pre-dinner quaff!! Shoot me now!).

I should have looked more carefully. Out of the three there was only one Rielsing that I would have been able to guess was a riesling. The 2nd glass was so bitter that I would think it was a crappy semillon. The third was also more of a non-descript grigio. I was probably at that time more put off by the stinker in the middle. If they’re pouring tastings of this crap? And offering that common Proseco as their low-end solution instead of so many good sparklers from Ay or Germany or even stateside… talk about underwhelming. Then came the cheese.

Not to heap scorn on an establishment but their cheese plate had to have been pre-cut. The cheese was firm (though not crusty or old) which I’d expect from cold cheese but it wasn’t cold. It was just firm. The roquefort was firm. The goats cheese was firm and crumbly… It’s a wine bar and I’m bitching about the wine and cheese? Seriously.

I have been to and thoroghly enjoy the Webster wine bar in spite of the crowded and loud space. They do a really good Stilton plate and the flight of Sherries (jeez… first quaff and now I’m talking about sherry… ) was tasty and good if not exotic.

But Cru? It’s a date place for people that either are dropping way too much coin on fancy vino or are more interested in their company which on this occasion was the only thing I really appreciated.

You’d think with a name like Cru….