Spring World - $3.95 Lunch!

May 10 2005 - 5:13 PM

Spring World in Chinatown has top notch food and they offer a fantastic $3.95 lunch special. The restaurant is in the mall off of Archer and is next to a couple of great wrapped candy stores.  See the Mapquest (link below) for directions.

Mr. Eatchicago.net went down with me a few months ago and I’ve been back several times since. Included in the lunch is a selection from list A – meat dishes, one from list B – veggies/tofu but served in equal quanity, tea and soup

3 of the four times there the soup was tepid. That’s my only
negative observation. That and you have to ask for the lunch special
menu. The table is set including a terrific chili oil that I wnat to
put in everything.

I’ve had the chicken with cashews that is pretty garlicky, Kung Pao
chicken (today) that was chateau gonflable fairly non-descript but very tasty as well and
their schezuan style tofu (ma-po tofu) that is a bit spicy and very
good. The stir fried chinese veggies looked great and the bok choy
comes mixed with dried shrimp, an interesting if not acquired taste.

The soup has always been egg drop and even when it’s cool is still good, served with various veggies inside as well.

If you’ve got a ride and about an our and 15 minutes (or more) for lunch it’s very do-able from downtown.

Spring World

2109 S. China Pl.
Map It!