Silver Spoon: Downtown Lunch Special

May 03 2005 - 2:33 PM

I’ve been to Silver Spoon (conveniently, one block west of Michigan Avenue at the 700 block) once before, after work and before a movie when a hungry (which means generally poor) decision took the reins. Luckily this is the sister location of Spoon Thai up north (4608 N. Western). Another restaurant I have yet to try… It gets high marks from Thai fans so this could be an initiation to the Spoon Thai experience.

This time I was going for the lunch deal and a $6.95 lunch special downtown is nothing to sneeze at either. Especially when the alternative is Taco Bell at the 8th floor food court across the street. The sign indicated soup, appetizer and an entree.

The soup was miso. I was really hoping for a Tom Yum but that I guess is a meal in itself. The miso was good. Very flavorful. The appetizer I failed miserably and ordered the Krab won-tons… also good, although not as good as the ones at Blue Elephant last night. They are pretty unique at Silver and I have no bad words about them.

They do offer sushi for an entree as well for a $1 more. But instead I got the spicy basil chicken which hit the spot. I am entering food coma now and my afternoon is looking longer than it should.

The service is good. The food is great. The location is convenient and the prices can’t be beat. If you work downtown you should definitely go. There is absolutely no wait and I was in and out in half an hour.

Silver Spoon
Lunch Menu from Grub Hub
710 N. Rush St