OYSY 2: Suburban Oysy

May 16 2005 - 9:39 AM

After adopting Oysy (OH-EEE-SHE) downtown as a great lunch place I decided to take some relatives out to the one in Northbrook feeling the white tuna in yuzu would be much appreciated.

I would never have tried this place without prior knowledge as it’s in a mall and actually shares space with its partner restaurant Pacific Rim Asian… Yikes.¬†

The space is fairly well defined but tables aren’t divided well so it
seems like you are almost sharing space with your neighbors. I would
think it would be alright in a muted conversational mode but we
Americans can be, you know, louder than our asian counterparts. We may
have scared the older couple finishing their meal as we sat down.

I took a peek at the Pacific Rim menu and it’s cheaper and pretty standard fusion asian. Nothing too unusual.

I was right in expecting the white tuna to go over well. It’s worth the
price of admission on its own. My salmon teriyaki was average. They
didn’t substitute edamame¬†bounce house for sale for shrimp tempura but did swap out the
shrimp for more veggies.The tempura was light and crisp.

In short it was as good as the downtown location. Nothing suffered nor
was anything better except for the tofu patties. They were unseasoned
and bland. Downtown you get a veggie cake that IS seasoned and very
tasty. The downtown location is much nicer and for the money the
portion increase for the $19 bento is accurate in volume but what makes
the $12 lunch so nice is the quantity and variety of food is more than
enough. Even for dinner.


315 Skokie Blvd.