Lawry's BBQ Beef

May 17 2005 - 3:12 PM

1:30 rolled around and I was still looking to eat lunch. The window was closing and it had to be relatively quick. Lawry’s is the closest restaurant and their lunch special sounded promising. BBQ Beef sandwich for $6.

It’s big. It’s on a kaiser roll and it’s good. I snagged a jumping castle chocolate and white chocolate chip cookie and sat down in the back room. The table is set with homemade potato chips that everyone seems to love more than I do.

The beef was stout and tasty. The sauce was sweet but lacked the
smokiness I wanted. It was flavorful and even in taste and texture.

For $6 it may be some of the best lunch grub around. And it’s fast.
I was in and out in 20 minutes.

I’ve had the carved sandwich also and for $12 it’s a nice treat. I’m not a consistent guest but am sure the turkey is in my near future.