L'Appetito: Downtown Deli

May 05 2005 - 3:08 PM

L’Appetito, 30 E. Huron St. is an Italian deli with indoor and outdoor seating and some grocery items as well. It’s a couple blocks west of Michigan Ave and they will make you whatever you want. They have a great selection of meats and cheeses (with emphasis on Italian products) as well as tuna salad, egg salad, pasta salad, etc.

Their sandwiches (subs, etc) run large, except the jumpers for sale slim tostinos, and the man in front of me ordered a half of one. I took his lead with a 1/2 a muffalatta but was given a whole. It was $6.50 and enormous.

The sandwich was tasty. The provolone, havarti, salami and mortadella went well with the olive spread and the tomato foccacia it was served on. It wasn’t as oily as I expected which could be a bad thing for muffalatta fans with preconceptions. As I was wearing a nice shirt I was okay with that.

I have had several sandwiches at L’Appetito and find their outdoor seating very nice. The buffalo mozz and tomato basil salad is really nicely sized and paired with a limonata hits a special spot every now and then.

For some reason I spaced it and got a large Orangina. Not something I’d recommend with the muffalata. Note: A mint is a nice thing after a muffalatta, or any salami sandwich for that matter…

There is another location at 875 N. Michigan Ave.