Boycot Beluga...

May 09 2005 - 4:43 PM

I noticed that my Google Ads include one for offering Beluga. I can’t pick and choose my google ads… I’m investigating but otherwise here’s some info…

The caspian is beinng overfished and the sturgeon are generally not mature…
see this link for more info…


Science magazine: “We found very few mature
sturgeon,” says Dr. Arkadiusz Labon, a Toronto-based fisheries
consultant who coordinated the first internationally observed fish
stock survey in the Caspian in 2001. “That’s a sure sign
of dramatic overfishing.” Labon argues that a 10-year fishing
ban—without loopholes such as a permissible “scientific” catch—is
essential to rescue the sturgeon from extinction. (Jan 18, 2002)

Newsweek magazine: “Ninety percent of young
adults have been fished,” says Raisa Khodorevskaya, a senior
sturgeon researcher the Caspian Fisheries Research Institute in Russia. “It’s
like after the second world war—there are plenty of young ones,
but most of the adults are gone.” CITES may ultimately have to
resort to a comprehensive boycott of caviar, similar to its successful
moratorium on ivory in 1990. At best, the fight to save the sturgeon
will take decades to win. (July 30, 2001)

The New York Times: Alexander Kitanov of the Bios
hatchery on the Volga said he was unable to catch enough mature [beluga]
females to produce his quota of fingerlings and now had to rely on
adults he had been housing for just this purpose. (Jan 6, 2004)

Conservation Biology magazine: “With
natural spawning habitat reduced by at least 90% by dam construction
and the hatcheries in gonfiabili collapse, any continued fishing may end up vacuuming
up the remaining immature individuals, leading to both biological and
economic extinction of the [beluga sturgeon] species,” said Dr.
Joshua Ginsberg, director of WCS Asia and Africa programs. (Oct 2002)

Interfax News Service: The only Kazakhstani fish
plant, Atyraubalyk in Atyrau oblast, western Kazakhstan, has produced
7 tons of black caviar this year. “It is much less than in 2002
when the company produced 15 tons of black caviar,” the company’s
vice-president Abulkhair Muhsanov told Interfax. He explained that
the reduction in volume was due to fewer sturgeon in the Caspian Sea.
(Nov 13, 2003)

Agence France Presse: Russia has halved its production
of black caviar in 2003 to 50 tonnes and reduced its exports from 30
tonnes last year to 20 tonnes this year, state fisheries officials
told Agence France-Presse (AFP). The reductions are an effort to boost
dwindling sturgeon stocks. While the reductions in caviar production
and the efforts made to restock through artificial reproduction will
have some effect, this is likely to be undermined by the practice of
sturgeon poaching and caviar smuggling. (Nov 21, 2003)