Ba Le

May 23 2005 - 8:25 PM

There are many different French influenced Vietnamese resturaunts around Argyle, ranging from the expensive, like Pasteur, to the everyday, like Ba Le French & Vietnamese Bakery.  Known for their Banh Mi sandwiches, they have over a half dozen on the menu.

Don’t ask me what they all are, and don’t ask the women behind the counter either, as English is the second language, just go and pick a number and be adventorous.  I picked the #1 Ba Le Special, while my compainion picked the #3 chicken.  I was very anxious to taste it since the woman chateau gonflable behind the counter pointed to the types of meats that were in it, they sell them all, wich consisted of headcheese and other bologna type meats that I would normally never, ever, eat.

Along with the meats the sandwich is made with a mysterious paté, tangy carrot and daikon slivers, cilantro and jalapeño, all sitting inside a delicious French baguette. The risk paid off and the sandwich was tasty, sweet and spicy. I also tried the chicken, which had similar ingrediants and a sweet marinade flavor of dry, pulled chicken. In addition to the sandwiches the small shop carries a variety of other sweets and savories that I’ve never seen before and unfortunatley could not try them all in one sitting.

I did induldge in a eggroll filled with a sweet pork sausage stuffing, as well as some very large spring rolls with shrimp and chicken in a thick and tangy peanut dipping sauce. There were two small tables that were being used as a sandwich prep area so you most likely will have to take your sandwich and other Vietnamese pastries and deliccies to go but it is worth the stop to try a new way to eat a baguette.

Ba Le
5018 N. Broadway