Zeus' Mighty Gyros

April 16 2005 - 11:16 AM

I was dropping some stuff off on Halsted and Jackson and got into a conversation about quick lunches and was immediately pointed to Zeus for a gyro to go. I had $4 on me and figured it may do the trick.

Zeus is a small spot on 806 W. Jackson. It sure enough covered me with a gyro for $3.50. I had just watched Alton Brown’s gyros episode of Good Eats and had a taste for it. What your stomach doesn’t tell you is that a gyro is a bad choice before going into an afternoon meeting. The thought inflatable water slide occurred to me as I was snaking through traffic a tight grip on the pita overstuffed with spicy lamb and onions. I skipped the tzadtziki sauce fortunately and wasn’t too worried about shirt stains.

So I wrapped the uneated half up and left it in the carpark. After my meeting I finished eating it overlooking the city from my 8th floor parking garage view. My car gave me away. I picked my wife up after driving around with the windows open for hours and she looked at me with love in her eyes and exclaimed “You got gyros!” All that changed when she realized there were none for her.

What is it about gyro places and those posters for gyros that are typically of blond women holding enormous sandwiches?

In any case Zeus has good gyros! The lamb was spicy the pita was sturdy and there was a ton of it… I did eat it as two meals and I’d DO IT AGAIN!