The Cheeseburger Bill

April 27 2005 - 4:32 PM

Something to note that while congress has chosen to name this the “cheeseburger bill” there is only one suit of its kind in the entire court system – while they are debating limiting citizen’s “right” to sue.

From Swiss Info:

Nation’s Restaurant News, a trade publication, said restaurateurs nationwide remain hopeful that Congress will pass a federal “cheeseburger bill” limiting such suits. The House of Representatives passed such a bill last year.

In the meantime, the landmark 2002 suit jumpers for sale against McDonald’s is the only pending U.S. action blaming a restaurant chain for obesity.

“There is nothing else like this case,” said Richard Daynard, a Northeastern University law professor who has hosted the “Legal Approaches to Obesity” conference in Boston for the past two years and is planning a third in September. “The plaintiffs’ bar is not rushing to bring these cases.”