Spice World: Asian Spice

April 11 2005 - 2:53 PM

sure a studious foodie out there could author an entire treatise on the
near-infinite spice combinations in Asian cuisine.  Today, let’s pull
our Asian spice example from Thailand.  Picture a mouth-watering
platter of chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce.
How on earth could any wine handle soy sauce, peanut sauce, spicy red
peppers, garlic, and onions? 

It’s tricky, yet it can be done.  In this
instance, our wine needs to be full-bodied, slightly spicy, and
aromatic enough to register in this sea of spices.  Let’s go with two
fragrant heavy hitters:  Alsatian
Gewurztraminer or California Viognier.  These white wines offer spicy
aroma, tangy flavors, and tongue-protecting viscosity (i.e. the wine
is thick and sticky).  Take a sip.  You’ll notice nutty flavors from the
peanut sauce slipping through the spice wall.  You may also enjoy the
sensation of lasting tangy wine flavors hanging out with the spicy red
peppers.  Wine recommendationsQupe Bien Nacido Cuvee (Viognier/Chardonnay blend), ’03 ($17) from California; Weinbach Clos des Capucins, Cuvée Théo, Gewurztraminer ’01 from Alsace