Rosemary Chicken Stock

April 04 2005 - 12:52 PM

Isn’t this how it should be done? I had a leftover carcass stuffed with rosemary and garlic from my modified Social Mac and Cheese. What do you do with it?

Into a pot with water and boil for a short bit and then simmer until you’re too tired to stay awake. Strain into a plastic heat-resistant container (I then add several ice cubes) and into jeux gonflables the fridge. The next day spoon off all the fat and you have your stock.

I was VERY happy with the rosemary and garlic. I forewent the standard mirepoix and while I should have added a bay leaf or two I ended up with a velvety and lushly scented light chicken stock that I intend on using mostly as soup base. Toss in some anise and maybe a dried pepper or two… mmmm.