April 29 2005 - 7:36 PM

When I first heard about Oysy (Oh-eee-she) Sushi I though, great, just what we need in downtown Chicago, another sushi restaurant. Seriously, we really desperately need another sushi restaurant downtown. For some odd reason the downtown area is void of all the worldly food options available around the city.

Instead, we suffer through expensive sandwich and burger places, not too mention all the chain restaurants that keep opening up. Eating lunch downtown has pricey but pula pula inflavel boring for some time. And sure, there are some sushi bars to choose from, like the basement of Benihana for inexpensive yet questionable sushi, or the beautifully remodeled Kamachi, with pretty decent sushi, but not great, if you want to pay $40 for lunch.

Oysy, right on Grand and Wabash, across from Nordstrom, is in a great location, has a very pleasing, Japanese minimalist atmosphere and a terrific sushi lunch menu. Their $12 daily bento box is served with a few standards; california and spicy tuna Maki, shrimp Tempura, tofu salad and Japanese green salad.

And if that were not enough, you can order from 7 different accompaniments ranging from the traditional grilled chicken Teriyaki to grilled white tuna with a sweet and fruity Yuzu dressing, or, just go for more sushi – chef’s choice. I have friends that won’t go out for sushi for lunch because they fear being hungry an hour later. I guarantee that if you order the special, that won’t be the case. I actually took 1/2 of my bento box to go and ate it for dinner.

They also have an extensive sushi menu that won’t break the bank – $5 for 2 pieces of Nigiri sushi and $5 Maki rolls. For those that are still skeptical of raw fish, they offer an extensive variety of grilled, Tempura or cooked fish and sea food, all for under $10. The specialty Maki rolls do get expensive – about $12 per roll, but for those who are looking for something different you won’t be disappointed.

Most of there combinations I haven’t seen anywhere else. Like the Emerald Maki – sautéed scallop, asparagus, cucumber, green caviar and spicy sauce. With over 20 different specialty Maki to choose from, all with unique presentations, I’m definitely curious enough to keep coming back for more.