Dim-Sum (Little) Three Happiness

April 03 2005 - 10:27 PM

Far be it from me to drop a nasty review on the namesake of the LTHforum.com. Not many Chicago restaurants have the ardent support of so many knowing restaurant-goers. There is a reason.

I have gone to Chinatown for Dim-Sum several times with friends, out-of-towners or just the wife and have seen the weekend brouhah. I avoided it, mostly, this time.

Having been to Three Happiness – across from the Insane-O parking lot, Phoenix and Won Kow I have partook in the cart system, the waiting in line to park then to eat, then the guessing game of what I’m about to eat, then the wishing I could get me some ______. And on top of it I tend to find Dim Sum meerly average.

First off as I waited in line to pay for parking I noticed that up a block was a similar parking lot but across the street. I pulled out of line and sure enough for $3 I pulled in and parked right away. Never again.

From there we went to Three Happiness and then crossed the street to the smaller Three Happiness. We were seated immediately and the small room scivolo gonfiabile smelled wonderful. We ordered BBQ Bao, tasty and as expected, shrimp dumplings that were wonderful perfectly steamed, shrimp balls, sticky rice, lotus toast, Cheong Fun beef noodles which was tasty albeit texturally slimy, and a fantastic green pepper stuffed with shrimp.

Little Three Happiness we agreed was the best Dim Sum we have had although we do need to go back to the others having been a while. The menu process is much easier and seems fresher than the dreaded mystery-cart-dumpling-surprise. Dim Sum for 4 that we couldn’t even finish ran $30. The sevice was friendly and the day was easy and satisfying. On a weekend to boot. The entrees circulating to other tables looked fabulous and we’ll be back for dinner and soon.

‘Little’ Three Happiness
209 W Cermak
Chicago, IL
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