April 25 2005 - 7:27 PM

*Kizoku has closed.

I was walking past Kizoku, 358 W. Ontario, with some time to spare and pretty much went in for a flight of salmon. On their menu they offer Scottish smoked salmon, marinated soy salmon and fresh salmon. Figured it would be a simple snack.

The restaurant is large but at 4:30 on a Friday it was me and two others at a large circular sushi bar. The waitstaff was helpful and the sushi chefs were prompt. They offer a diverse selection inflatable water slide of rolls and a comprehensive list of fish. The place is typical-fancy for that part of Ontario and, without a crowd, impossible to register any kind of cool factor.

The pieces were generous and of the three I found the soy marinaded salmon the most interesting. I would probably just stick to 3 pieces of fresh next time but I would recommend the marinaded. The smoked was not as hickory as I expected but it was a thick piece and would have benefitted from a thinner wider or longer slice. The wakame and rice were great.

I had to get a piece of super white tuna and it was wet with a citric flavor that could be compared to a yellowtail but lighter and not as pungent without losing any flavor.

I will definitely go back for a full dinner. My opening salvo was yummy.

358 W. Ontario
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