Holy Mole!

April 02 2005 - 9:13 PM

Tjs_1*NOTE: Trader Joe’s has recalled this product…

It’s like aliens came, beamed me up, and brainwashed me with Trader Joe’s crap. I know it’s a strong-arm grocery owned by Aldi and they repackage everything with their name smacked on it but MAN! Their Mole Rojo is awesome.

I’ve made Bayless’ apricot pine nut mole and it was unbelievably good. But it took hours and hours. The Trader Joe’s Rojo you mix with stock and get a very jumpers for sale bitter peppery mildly choco-taste that heats up well and considering the simplicity of the process is a wonderful cheat for a late dinner.

I just got a few licks from the pan in, complete with a gum-rubbing, and it’s simple and almost hot. I added some chicken stock to the concentrate and then cooked the fat-trimmed chicken breast in it.

While it cooked I mashed a can of “Habichuelas Blancas” or “small white beans” and added some butter, garlic powder, cayanne, and a little hot sauce. I served it all up thinking next time I’d add some of the mole to the beans and go easier on the plated sauce. I’d also dice up some jicama, or slice some red onions and top with manchego or goat’s cheese and toasted sesame seeds. But this time it was a quickie and almost bare. It was tasty.