Argo Georgian Bakery

April 07 2005 - 11:24 AM

ArgobdArgo Georgian Bakery (2812 W. Devon Ave.) had been on my list of bakeries to visit for months. On a particularly gorgeous day last weekend my friend Harold and I drove up to Devon to try it out. We entered into a small and sparsely decorated shop with tiled floors and a large, earthen domed oven directly ahead of us.

In our usual fashion we indecisively loitered around the counter until eventually deciding on a spinach pie, a honey and walnut pie (tapluna), a hachapuri (mozzarella, farm cheese, and feta cheese pie, pictured), a Georgian round bread (puri), and a long bread (shoti).  We sat down in one of the few sets of small tables along the wall and dug in to our first three offerings.  The spinach pie was simple and hearty, served cool.  I thought it could have used a bit of seasoning or simply some salt, but otherwise it was quite tasty.  The tapluna was a sweet roll of pastry, covered in powdered sugar, and filled with a sweet and nutty filling.  This was also lovely, though perhaps a bit too sweet for my tastes.

At this point we realized that the hachapuri was still warm, and. . . oh my. . . ahem.   Let me be clear, you simply MUST go buy yourself a hachapuri from Argo’s next time you are on Devon.   we devoured this sizable puff of flaky pastry, oozing with a divine combination of creamy cheeses in seconds.  Then, without much consultation immediately purchased another to eat on the spot.  This second hachapuri had come out inflatable water slide of the oven only seconds before.  I am a little embarrassed to say that in my over-zealous desire for more hachapuri I repeatedly burned myself with the hot steam pouring out of the holes that our bites made in the pastry dome.  As we sat back to rest once we were through we noticed how rapidly the hachapuri was being taken from the oven and quickly purchased by the waiting customers.  This is definitely their specialty.

Upon our arrival home we sampled their breads.  These were unique flat breads with a lovely taste, a pleasant aroma, and a dry texture.  Highly recommended and like nothing I have encountered before.  Argo is simply superb and refreshingly unique.  The staff is friendly and patient, and the hachapuri are heartbreakingly delicious and fleeting. . .   Go with time to spare in case you need to wait for a batch of hachapuri and check out the domed oven.  One more delicious reason to add to the list of why I love Devon.