$5 Pizza Fridays

April 01 2005 - 10:44 AM

Alright. I’m admitting that for the past several months almost every Friday I snag a pizza from Dominick’s uncooked with one topping for $5. I stop at the video store get a lame movie and proceed to eat a few pieces and fall asleep on the couch before the credits roll.

Every week can be tough but we’ve perfected the process. You get one topping included on the pizza. Additional toppings are $1 and come in plastic containers. Getting pepperoni this way is really cost effective. BUT it’s a grocery store and for about $.89 you can get sliced black olives. Wandering around the inflatable water slide produce department you can grab broccoli, mushrooms, pineapple, sun-dried tomatos, green peppers, spinach, onions, etc.

Don’t get it cooked. It comes on a black plasti-paper tray that slides right into your oven at 425º and in 14-16 minutes you have a really crispy nice pie if you DON’T cook two at once.

What about delivery? I’ve been going to Gulliver’s since I can remember (sorry but it is my favorite pizza place). I have stopped delivery since the pie comes often cold and banged up for $20+. I can, on Fridays at least, hit Dominicks and pop a $15 bottle of syrah for about the same price and be eating sooner.

Tonight I’ve been green lighted to compile a veggie pie. I’m leaning towards broccoli (…she never lets me get broccoli), goat cheese or ricotta, rosemary or basil (depending on the cheese), mushrooms and red onions. Picture to come.

As far as movies go. I’m thinking Finding Neverland… (I have a free rental coupon) or that Michael J. Fox movie where he’s a concierge…