Torajiro Sushi

March 04 2005 - 6:19 PM

432 W. Diversey, Chicago
Tel: (773) 477-5000

People don’t just like sushi, they have sushi habits. I have my likes and dislikes. Fresh fish is what is polite to say about any sushi place that can stay in business. I prefer good wakame, and rice that isn’t gummy. While there is a trend in this city for places that are non-traditional, like the recent and terrific Sushi Samba (GREAT Sake selection), I want stability. Light, mildly citric yellowtail, buttery salmon, non-stringy tuna, maki that will fit in my mouth – more or less, and most importantly, consistency. The small restaurant between Sheridan and Broadway on Diversey has become my “Cheers.”

The item that was on the small chalk board of specials about 3 years
ago was the Shiromi Ten roll. Served with ponzu sauce it is cooked
whitefish, scallion tempura,inflatable obstacle course ebi and mayo. Boy Howdy. Been ordering it
ever since. The ponzu sauce is what makes it really work. It isn’t on
the menu but just write it at the top of the form and Peter (the owner)
will make it for you.

The nice thing about the preparation at Torajiro is the sesame seeds
are toasted perfectly, the wakame has a very nice taste to it and the
rice is, at least in my mind, what it is supposed to be. I’ve had good
sushi elsewhere, Indie Thai Sushi that just opened on N. Broadway is a
good example of very good fish with rice that doesn’t quite do it.
(Indie is a great spot none-the-less). Peter’s fish is generous pieces
thicker and stockier than Sai Cafe’s strips and he has for the past 5
years never really missed a beat. Which is a feat for ANY restaurant.

His sashimi, hand rolls, dragon rolls, anything is good. If you go
do try the Shiromi Ten and also see if they are offering the wasabi
gyoza (appetizer dumplings). You will enjoy it.

Note: weekends get busy and service slows down. Weekdays are not so
busy. It’s a small place and I have seen people get frustrated.
Although that was about 2 years ago…

My #1 restaurant in Chicago in terms of the frequency and box office they get from me.