Thien Noodles *Closed

March 18 2005 - 7:52 PM

Unfortunately Thien is no-longer with us. Blue Elephant around the corner on Devon is the next closest recommendation.

Thien Noodles (or Thien’s Noodles as it says on the sign) is North on Clark. It’s our local cash-only spot on the way to the video store. It also is slowly focusing me towards Vietnamese food. While a large contingent of the foodies in Chicago are Vietnamese soup fans I am not. Or at least am not as ardent. I like it but I prefer a Chinese or Thai soup. It’s not the fish cake or any one thing in particular but for some reason I don’t hunger for it… Or would you thirst for soup? Well if you did it wouldn’t be a Joycean thirst. Happy St. Patty’s btw.

I don’t order the soup at Thien. I will though. Over a year ago we started out ordering Thai. They were close and delivered in record time. The Panang Chicken is in a sauceĀ mechanical bull for sale that I have to say seems to be a peanut-butter sauce. It is nothing like any Thai food I’ve had so I must think it’s a Vietnamese take on Thai. It is really good in any case. And totally unique. Worth a taste.

On this most recent trip we ordered the Crab Rangoon which does the trick but is not mind blowing. Their beef spring rolls are great (they may call them king rolls?) I have taken to ordering off the Vietnamese menu. The dishes all have a (and here’s where I show my “learner’s permit” with Vietnamese food) gamey freshness to them. It’s a weird taste that I definitely associate with Vietnamese food. I will ask next time for nationality specifics (not that it really matters). I ordered the chicken curry and have not personally smelled like curry in the same way since a visit to Hema’s Kitchen.

The curry was really good. It was distinct and rich but not thick or saucy. Each dish is served with rice for no extra charge. The panang was consistent in its peanutty-ness. I’ve ordered many things over the past year and haven’t ever hated what I got. The Thai dishes seem very westernized but you can definitely get some interesting dishes if that’s your bag.

* Sadly Thien has closed.

Thien Noodle
6241 N Clark
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