Omelette & Toast

March 08 2005 - 4:48 PM

EggsIt’s just an omelette with toast.  Since I’m on a chive-kick I tossed it in as a garnish.

Throw some bread in the toaster.  I had some zucchini and mushrooms, diced them, tossed them in a small non-stick with butter fried them up and added 3 eggs. Fold them in a couple of times to thicken up the eggs (also why you’re using the smaller pan – to make a thicker omelette) and then let them start to set until you can give it a flip.

Once flipped add some cheese. I used Tillamook cheddar (it was on sale) we had cubed for the dog’s pills… give it a minute or two and fold over the cheese. Turn off the burner and grab your toast. Use a small ramekin to cut out a circle from the toast. Then slide the omelette on to a plate and use the ramekins to cut out two portions of eggs. Wipe off the edges and serve with the circular toast, chive, and some Louisiana Hot Sauce. It’s a basic omelette gone purty.