Microwaving India

March 30 2005 - 3:57 PM

TastyTasty Bite dinners and a rice cooker yield awesome multi-entree dinners in 2 minutes flat (per entree). And you have a selection! of which many are vegan; Madras Lentils, Kashmir Spinach, Bombay Potatoes, Jodhpur Lentils, and others. And they’re all good.

Today’s were lentils and rice. Madras Lentils with kidney beans in a spicy tomato-based sauce and Jodhpur Lentils, yellow lentils in a thinner sauce. Over brown rice it makes for a responsible and tasty dinner.

You will definitely find ones you likeĀ inflatable obstacle course more than others but they are
all better than you’d expect. Not that they compare to homemade Indian
but you can saute some chicken (or goat even) then pour the ‘Tasty
Bite’ of choice over and simmer as long as you want.

Some of the larger packages come with rice as well. They make a decent meal-at-work. The company also offers Thai food but I’ve liked that way less. For a stretch we were having this stuff 2 to 3 nights a week. We got really sick of it but for around $2.50 a pop they are superb quickie options.

If you’re the out-doorsy type these rock. Instant
campfire/camp-stove eats. They are good, have a decent amount of sodium
and a good mix of protein/fiber/carbs and you can ditch the cardboard
box and pack the foil bag…

Now if only they can crank out microwavable nan.

It turns out they do…
Tasty Bite Website