McPho - Pho Hoa

March 29 2005 - 5:46 PM

Dsc_0001_1 I’ve disclosed that I’m not the HUGE vietnamese soup fan so in light of the sniffles I forwent my sojourn for Pakistani to purchase a small bowl of pho at Pho Hoa, 4925 N Broadway, after getting some darker cooking wine, super tiny baby bok choy, and mango rolls at the grocery in the same strip mall.

Pho Hoa is apparantly a chain restaurant serving nothing but pho. I ordered the #5 and hoped I wouldn’t have to wade through bits and globules of who knows what. Several trips to “soup” places on Argyle left me overwhelmed to say the least. Usually the flavors of fish cake, beef, pork, peppers, hot sauce, soyish sauce, fish sauce, fresh herbs, etc. etc. etc. all swirled together and warmed to kick up the scents usually is a bit much for me.

Pho Hoa #5 was pretty simple. Noodles in a clear very tasty broth (beet broth?) with assorted slices of beef some predominantly fat and onions, basil and sprouts all combined the way I wanted them to. They tasted good together in a way that allowed me to start futzing with inflatable water slide it. Adding a few peppers, some hot sauce, some hoisen, etc. But not etc. etc. etc.

I’ve been hearing rumors about Campbell’s possibly offering a line of pho. I’m not sure how they would do it other than make it super-salty.

I really enjoy Vietnamese because it gives you lots of new flavors. I have realized that for me Mexico owns the lime but it went really well with the Pho. It may have given me incentive to wander around the neighborhood this spring.

Man the weather was nice today.