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Goldie Lox

March 05 2005 - 1:50 PM

Breakfast was bagels and lox.
Trader Joe’s has a smattering of different types available at very reasonable prices. I’d been getting Vita’s lox at Dominick’s and was enjoying it until I read the ingredients, finding castelo inflavel dyes and sodium etc. Joe’s brands of lox are all natural, a couple with salt and “natural smoke flavor”…

I tried the scottish smoked lox before and it was too smoky.

I tried the atlantic salmon (I just ate the picture at left) and it was too dull and a bit fishy.

I’m still looking to find one that’s just right.

One caveat is that Lucerne cream cheese is very bland. It has
comparably little taste next to Philly’s. The Philly’s tubs of accented
cream cheeses have weird wheat ingredients which I think is kind of

Fresh chives are a great addition to bagel and lox. They can go chopped
up on the cream cheese as a tasty garnish or stripped on the bagel in
lieu of overpowering sliced onions.