Foie Gras Kobe Rockit Burger

March 07 2005 - 10:13 PM

It’ s $20. It’s got foie gras on it. That’s better than cheese, right? It’s kobe beef. If this isn’t “big food” I don’t know what is.

Rockit on Hubbard is a restaurant with a bar upstairs. Or is it a bar with a restaurant downstairs. I’m not sure either is true and I think that kind of works. It’s a great meeting place and that’s why I went.

What to drink with a Kobe, foie gras burger? That new Anheuser World
Select. Uber-Bud. A fittingly American sparkler tobogã inflavel that should appeal to
anyone with the nuts to slide a slab of foie gras on a burger of ground
up kobe beef.

As one who isn’t all about the Heineken I thought it did ok. I still
prefer a Pacifico or a Labatts Gold as far as macrobrews go but I’d try
it again. (That’s something to say coming from a Milwaukee boy.) It
tried a bit harder than a Bud but didn’t end up too far in Michelob
territory though it was heading there.

I know, “Come on already WHERE’S THE BEEF!” It was a great burger. It
was on a glazed bun with grilled onions and the slab-o-fois and MAN, it
was out of sight. You couldn’t taste extreme-foie gras but with the
onions and the beef it really was wonderful. I wish I was in more of a
position to dissect and savor it but it had all the richness and flavor
it needed and held its own against the acrid smokey bar-ness and the
skybox brew. It was worth the $20. No kidding. I’d recommend eating it
at a table where you could be alone with your meat… (ahem).

It’s served with truffle fries. Thick cut steak fries tossed with a
drizzle of white truffle oil. Served to my absolute HORROR with
ketchup. Stacy, who bogarted HALF of my burger (that’s $10 she owes me
right there, not to mention scorching my non-stick), didn’t realize
they had that flavor until I shouted to her to try them without the

Yeah, the downside was that while our group of five were the only
people in half of the upstairs they had the music cranked. And if
that’s not annoying they were playing Bruce Hornsby and the Range. I
remember when giochi gonfiabili he covered piano for the Dead back in ’92. The
set-from-hell also included Bob Seeger and Billy Joel and then segued
into the Shins and Barenaked Ladies… who knows.

came over from Wave at the W Hotel where he was putting on a show in
that ritzy dining room. I saw the Bourbon BBQ Salmon and it looked good
but it was lost in a menu that I expected from what after all is a Bar
AND a Grill…